The incident occurred in the Indian state of Punjab. Two puppies fell into a well. Their mother ran near the well and started barking, and attracted the attention of the owner, who looked inside and to his surprise there was a king cobra at the bottom, which didn’t pose any threat to the puppies. Moreover, the reptile, looked after the puppies, by not allowing them to cross to the other side, where they could possibly drown, when the well is filled with water.

In general, they spent around 48 hours together at the bottom and in these 48 hours the cobra sat quietly next to them. When help finally arrived from the forest department, the cobra slithered to the other end of the well. The puppies were not injured at all and the reptile was immediately taken into the woods and was released into the wild.

Even the most deadly and dangerous creatures on earth know what Co-existence and mutual assistance is. The human race is in this respect far behind, and this is our biggest drawback.humanity



When the world falls around me,
I want to stand tall.
But today, I fall apart,
And the world goes on.
As I collect the broken pieces of my heart,
I burn in sorrow and loneliness.
It’s time and I know I have to move on,
But am still tethered to a harness,
That closeness, the dependence, the invisible bond,
Keeps me where once I used to belong.

I feel like I’m drowning,
And the surface is unknown.
I need you in my life, and yet I don’t.
I’m falling from heights and I can’t seem to care.
It’s strange and empty since you’re not there!

And I’m afraid to dream anymore,
Because reality has been shattering enough.
When my hopes have been dashed repeatedly,
And I can’t raise them; it’s time I give up!
I can’t find a reason to smile any longer,
Your absence has left me shattered, yet, stronger.
It seems a lifetime without you I’ve already known,
And as it has always been, I still walk alone!

ENVIRONMENT where all paths lead to

Ten years ago,no one bothered about environment as a major problem facing the world .Today, it is on everybody’s lips .We talk about the “spaceship earth,” we speak of ecology, we talk about recycling.who brought about this change ? basically, it was because of those who knew the importance of life and the resources which are needed to maintain a balanced living.

it was the human greed which lead to the depletion of many natural resources and which is even continuing now also
there are thousands of examples cutting of woods deforestation,killing of animals i.e poaching
excessive use of fossil fuels and believe me the list continues.

This is a problem of staggering dimensions and a problem where we have first to change Nicene,packaging,conscious consumption ans so on,and undertake an educational program at the individual level.At the national level,curiously enough the environmental problem is far less acute  in the developing countries and far more acute in advanced countries
we should rather pray that in the developing world we  do not become as careless about environment  as the wealthy countries have shown themselves to be; Now they have realised steps are to be take for its maintenance and those are


Again, it should be noted that the environmental problem greatly affects and is affected by the population problem.A good environment has the advantage  of making people less prone to produce more children , and a lower rate of population growth is likely to have a salutary effect on environment .In fact,the expression “POLLUTION”has been coined to describe th phenomenon of a growing population of the environment

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